Can we study about Mars in Arizona?

100 Best Things to Do in Arizona We are taking our Jr. astronaut training program to Arizona.  This is a great location to simulate Mars experiments.   Questions: Arizona is the 48th state in USA, having achieved statehood on February 14th, 1912. The state of Arizona is known for the desert climate, meaning hot […]

Astronaut Training for Mars-Plastics

We are getting our Jr.astronauts and engineers ready to participate in the Occupy Mars Learning Adventure summer fellowship programs.   We are building robots, satellites and robots using a wide variety of plastics.   Questions: Acrylic plastic can be incredibly beautiful, especially when the edges are properly prepared. Edge treatments like these can actually […]

Working with Gifted Students

Mr. Barboza California Association of Gifted Conference   Mr. Barboza’s session was delightful as well as inspiring.  The session wasn’t just a sit and get, it engaged the audience.  The session went beyond being informative; it was in fact was a proposal.  This proposal was a call to teach differently to implement the Common Core and […]