Mars Desert Research Station Crew 187

FEBRUARY 10, 2018 Mission Summary – Crew 187 – Team Latam II Mars Desert Research Station Mission Summary Crew 187 – Team Latam II   Commander/Astronomer: Cynthia Yacel Fuertes Panizo (Peru) Executive Officer: Atila Kahlil Meszaros Henostroza (Peru) Crew Engineer: Luis José Antonio Díaz López (Peru) GreenHab Officer: Hernán David Mateus Jiménez (Colombia) Crew Scientist/EVA Officer: […]

Who wants to write for the Occupy Mars Band?

We are looking to work with musicians, artists and composers.  We are performing jazz, classical and World music for the visual jazz opera, “The Occupy Mars Learning Adventures.”  Contact: Who wants to write music for Native American Flutes? The Occupy Mars Band is getting ready to perform original compositions at museums and art galleries. […]

How to fix a space toilet?

“If you are on your way to Mars and your space toilets are broken and cannot be repaired your Mars crew will die.”  Bob Barboza, Jr. Astronaut Training Director A space toilet, or zero gravity toilet, is a toilet that can be used in a weightless environment. In the absence of weight, the collection and […]

A letter from the Mars Society

End of the Year Letter From Dr. Robert Zubrin Dear Friend, We live in interesting times with regard to human Mars exploration. I can’t remember a period in which the issue of humans-to-Mars has been so front and center, both in terms of significant progress being made with the actual Mars launch infrastructure, engineering and […]