The Barboza Space Center is working with Jr. astronaut advisor Ed Dwight.

About Ed Dwight The Barboza Space Center has just started working with Ed. Dwight. A man whose resume reads: former Air Force Test Pilot, America’s First African American Astronaut Candidate, IBM Computer Systems Engineer, Aviation Consultant, Restaurateur, Real Estate Developer, and Construction Entrepreneur can best be described as a true renaissance man. Ed Dwight has succeeded […]

Nuclear Propulsion Prototyping at Barboza Space Center

Nuclear Propulsion Could Be ‘Game-Changer’ for Space Exploration, NASA Chief Says By Mike Wall 19 days ago Tech  And the tech could power asteroid-deflecting lasers as well.   An illustration of a spacecraft powered by nuclear thermal propulsion. (Image: © NASA/Marshall) Humanity’s next giant leap could be enabled by next-gen nuclear tech, NASA Administrator Jim […]