Autonomous Underwater Robots Could Cause Deadly Accidents, Warns UN Think Tank

The “U” in U-boat now stands for “unmanned” BY KELSEY D. ATHERTON SEPTEMBER 08, 2015 MILITARY BOEING, VIA FLICKRSHARE  The next sea change in naval warfare may be unmanned, autonomous robots. In a new white paper published by the United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research, an internal think tank, the fear isn’t the reaper, but the self-steering […]

Who remembers Star Trek? (Women in Motion) is Showing Now

WOMEN IN MOTION DOCUMENTARY ABOUT SPACE (DO YOU REMEMBER STAR TREK?) The Nichelle Nichols Documentary: WOMAN IN MOTION is out and Streaming Across the Universe! My good friend Ivor Dawson from the “Traveling Space Museum.” Is in this new documentary.  He has been supporting Nichelle Nichols for several years and he is currently helping me with the Barboza Space […]

Who wants to work on Mars?

Actually, It Is Rocket Science February 06, 2020 Students from Cabrillo and Wilson high schools’ Urban Math Collaborative have partnered with Bob Barboza, Long Beach’s version of The Science Guy, to tackle project-based learning that may come in handy during explorations of Mars. The math collaborative now serves about 175 Wilson and Cabrillo students after […]